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Aldeburgh Beach Lookout at night


The bonds between Aldeburgh, art, and the sea have always been strong ones. The Aldeburgh coastline has captured the hearts of many artists through the centuries, and when international art dealer Caroline Wiseman first set eyes on the dramatic landscape, she too found herself entranced by its siren call.
Giant chair at the Aldeburgh Beach LookoutThe Aldeburgh Beach Lookout has been the home of many artists
Photo (c) Aldeburgh Beach Lookout
Caroline has spent over 25 years working in the art world and has established successful open-house galleries in New York, London and Aldeburgh. She bought the Lookout, an extraordinary nineteenth century tower on the seafront, which came with a home on Crag Path adjacent, on the proviso that it must be used for artistic purposes. The Lookout had previously established connections with the arts world having been used by writer Laurens van der Post in his latter years. Benjamin Britten also famously did much of his composing on Aldeburgh beach. Citing artists’ retreat the Lightning Field in New Mexico as her inspiration, Caroline set about turning the Lookout into a place where both established and exciting up-and-coming artists could come and be seized by that same magic.
Since 2011 Caroline has been offering week-long residencies at the Lookout, the rules of which are simple; firstly the artist must create new work over the course of the week, and secondly they must spend one full night in the tower. Caroline explains why the location is so significant: “When you live in such a beautiful place it could be possible to take it for granted. Although the artists don’t have to base their work on Aldeburgh specifically, I find the landscape tends to have a direct impact upon much of the work produced. Each artist brings a fresh take and they all manage to discover something new and relevant.”
At the culmination of the week their creations are revealed to the public between 11-4 every Saturday at the tower. Eileen Cooper, Nigel Hall, and Alison Wilding are just three of the many artists that have taken residency and been inspired by the Suffolk landscape.
Aldeburgh Beach Lookout projectionAt the end of every artist's residency, their work is revealed to the public
Photo (c) Aldeburgh Beach Lookout
As well as the inspirational tower, it is Suffolk’s location that makes the county so perfect for Wiseman. Suffolk’s proximity to London makes it easy for city-based and international artists to experience the many forms of art and culture that the county offers. “Suffolk is an extraordinary place which encourages human beings to realise that we are each unique participants in one creative Universe,” enthuses Caroline. “Aldeburgh’s the only place outside major cities that supports my interests – it’s concentrated culture.”
As well as art dealing, Caroline works closely with the organisers of Aldeburgh’s various cultural festivals, including the Aldeburgh Music Festival. She also hosts an art club modelled on Gertrude Stein’s arts Salon and the Chelsea Arts Club, membership of which is open to anyone. You can find out more about Caroline and Aldeburgh art at her website and the tower at


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