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Suffolk Stories : Find Your Next Holiday

There are hundreds of Suffolk stories to be told. Come and discover the tales that can be found in iconic landscapes and long stretches of coastline.  Read the stories that have risen up over Suffolk’s long history and the tales of some of the most famous people in history. And come right up to date with everything that is going on in the modern day.

Suffolk is famous for its produce, which is why so many people call it The Foodie County. But what 12 foods are the locals eating?

Fabulous Foodie County

28 August 2020

Suffolk's reputation as #TheFoodieCounty continues to grow and the autumn is a fine time to sample our local harvest. A host of award-winning restaurants, farmers' markets and breweries offer up the best food and drink the county has to offer.

Suffolk is affectionately known as the bread basket of Britain, but it's not only breads that are specialities here. With its warm climate, a magnificent range of foods are grown and produced in the county and it's at one of the many farmers' markets that you can shop and fill the larder with local food that has only travelled a few miles.

Now the festive season is behind us, a health-check might be in order. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, switching your regular tipple for a much-loved brew or favourite blend could help you survive dreary January. Here are 8 alternative drinking holes to visit in Suffolk.

We have searched the county to bring you ten Suffolk pubs that meet our criteria for maximum seasonal cosiness.

Suffolk is full of wild foods, and one of the best ways to find them, cook them and eat them is on a foraging course with some of the county's food experts.

The history of brewing in Suffolk is a curious tale involving monks, law-breaking alewives, and Lord Kitchener's troops. Discover it here.

What can be more tempting than tasty, local food served in beautiful surroundings to get your juices flowing. From established food festivals to micro-breweries and award-winning restaurants, you’ll never go hungry, or thirsty, in a county blessed with the fruits from the land.

We celebrate National Tea Day with a fantastic selection of the finest tea emporiums in Suffolk. This great British tradition is alive and well in Suffolk, so let us take you on a tour of the best ones located across the county.

We celebrate National Tea Day with a fantastic selection of the finest tea emporiums in Suffolk. This great British tradition is alive and well in Suffolk, so let us take you on a tour of the best ones located across the county.

It's said to be the most important meal of the day, so we feel it necessary to share our top recommendations for the most hearty, locally sourced and simply THE most delicious breakfast dishes anywhere in Suffolk. Over to you!

A trip to Suffolk needn’t mean you have to sacrifice your diet; home to some of the UK's top food and drink producers, there’s a range of vegan establishments across the county, so wherever you’re staying, you’re not far from somewhere to tuck in to a vegan feast.

From breakfast in bed in a luxury hotel to cocktails in the home of horseracing, these are the most romantic dining experiences in Suffolk.

We have a fabulous programme of food and drink festivals across Suffolk to look forward to this autumn. Cookery demonstrations, food and drink tastings and plenty of family-friendly activities.


16 February 2017

Suffolk is fast becoming known as a destination for food lovers. Read about our world-class food and drink producers, award-winning restaurants, foodie festivals and markets.

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A guide to Suffolk's breweries and pubs.

We asked four Suffolk chefs what their plans were for their winter menus, and they came back with some mouthwatering dishes.

Suffolk is blessed with some of the freshest and best seafood in the country. Here are six must-visit seafood spots on The Suffolk Coast!

The Foodie County is home to some outstanding food producers, offering everything from fresh oysters and smoked hams to handmade chocolates and wild game.

If you love beer, the coast and great pubs, you'll love Southwold. Here's a taster of Suffolk's foremost beer town.

If you're craving a croissant or would murder a muffin, you'll need to know these outstanding bakeries in Suffolk.