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Suffolk Stories : Find Your Next Holiday

In a county as old and varied as this, there are hundreds of Suffolk stories to be told. Come and discover the tales that can be found in iconic landscapes such as the fields and fens of West Suffolk, the long stretch of coastline in the east, the lush Waveney Valley on the northern border and beautiful Constable Country in the south. Read the stories that have risen up over Suffolk’s long history and the tales of some of the most famous people in history. And come right up to date with everything that is going on in the modern day.

Suffolk is the place where you can find a house in the clouds, the balancing barn, a giant scallop on a beach, and the stretch of turf where champions run. And don’t forget the Suffolk mysteries – unnerving tales of ghostly bells beneath the sea, devil dogs stalking the darkened countryside, unearthly craft in the sky and the many haunted houses in Suffolk where ghostly residents wander restlessly. What will you find when you discover Suffolk.

Cast across Suffolk's history is the dark shadow of Matthew Hopkins, better known as the Witchfinder General. This is his story.

The Magic Dell of Elveden

20 November 2014

Do you dare discover the magic dell of Elveden, where mischievous fairies lie in wait?

The Other Side: Amy

10 October 2014

Of the many ghost stories to emerge from Suffolk, none is as recent as the tale of Amy and her invisible friend.