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Magical creatures come to Ipswich

Christchurch Park in the centre of the waterfront town of Ipswich has a new free augmented reality (AR) trail which has been created by High Street Safari in conjunction with Ipswich Borough Council.

The trail, which is a story-driven experience, takes you on a trail to track down 11 Mexican folk-art inspired Alebrije creatures hidden throughout the park.

Alebrije is a form of folk art that originated in Mexico where animals, both real and fantastical, are ornately decorated with colourful patterns and motifs. To give the trail a local spin, the Council has even got High Street Safari to give Mabel the owl, a resident of the Park, an Alebrije inspired makeover – you will find her hiding in the park with the other creatures.

The trail is completely contactless and uses QR codes so that anyone with a smartphone can take part – you don’t have to download or sign up for anything.

When each creature’s unique QR code is scanned they’ll collect digital stamps and learn more of the story.  There’s lots of opportunities to take selfies and videos with some of the characters, meaning that players not only get to discover the creatures in the park but actually see some of them burst to life right in front of them.

After spotting all 11 creatures, you will be rewarded with a free e-book that concludes the story.

The trail runs until Monday 22 November 2021, you can out more about it here.